Duck Single Protein (Cooling)
Duck Single Protein (Cooling)

Duck Single Protein (Cooling)


Duck Single Protein


Duck Heart, Duck Gizzards, Duck liver, Duck Necks,Duck Frames,Duck Heads

  • Humanely - raised ducks with no antibiotics or hormones
  • Bone finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture
  • Based on 80/10/10 ratio 
  • Made in a USDA Inspected Facility 
  • Comes in 2lb packages 

    More information

    Duck is considered a cooling protein according to TCM, so it makes an ideal protein to feed when dealing with a “hot dog” or dog who is prone to yeast and seasonal allergies. Duck is a great protein to feed during the hot months to aid in keeping their body cool. Because we do not add any synthetic vitamins or minerals to our food, we do not recommend feeding duck exclusively. There will be deficiencies in any single protein food that does not have anything added. Rotating proteins is essential in maintaining balance in your dog's diet.