we have had a lot of no shows for orders. DIY, bulk boxes and custom grinds will not automatically be refunded to you. If you no longer want your order you must reach out to us and your order is subject to a restocking fee of 20% of your total order. all Other items are subject to a 10% restocking fee. 


Check out our shipping page for more info. Since we make everything to order, please allow 10-14 days to process your order, bulk orders may be longer but please email us to get a better timeframe. shipping goes out every tuesday once order is complete and frozen. If it’s an emergency please email us to see what we have in stock and we will do our best to get you food asap.

We do require a 15lbs minimum to ship, so please make sure you have 15lbs in your cart otherwise shipping will not be available and our system will choose local pick up.
Check out the calendar below to see what we are making this month and order a week before the grinding date to ensure we make your order on time.

Grinding Schedule & SHipping Price breakdown

CHri- Shipping prices- 

15-20lbs -$24


32-55lbs- $54

56-80lbs- $86

81-100lbs- $109 (1-2 boxes)

101-120lbs -$120 (2 boxes) 

These dates are subject to change.


grinding schedule 


December 1st (abby and Chester)

December 3rd (Thrive) 

December 6th (closed)

December 8th (Bella, leo and Chicken cat )

December 10th (Goose and Pork)

December 13th (Primal and Luna )

December 15th (abby and Chester)

December 17th ( Bodhy )

December 20th ( Bella,leo and Chicken cat)

December 22nd (TBD)

December 24th (closed christmas eve)

December 27th (TBD)

December 29th (TBD)

December 31st (CLosed New Years eve)

January 3rd (TBD)

January 5th (ABBy and Chester)

January 7th (closed) 

January 10th (tbd) 

January 12th (tbd)

January 14th (closed)

January 17th (closed)

January 19th (TBD)

January 21st (tbd)

January 24th (tbd)

January 26th (tbd)

January 28th (tbd)







🥩Species Appropriate
🏝Southern California
🤚🏻Hand crafted USDA Premium Meat
🐕Prey Model Raw
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