The scoop on organic, pasture raised, and anti-biotic- hormone free

We first want to acknowledge the amazing pet parents who want better quality for their pets than they probably feed themselves (let's face it, we know they come first for most of us).However, we have learned by talking with our farmers that labeling is a tricky game. Truly organic is almost impossible to find because of how expensive it is and we will take a deep dive into that later. Pasture-raised is what we try to source because the animals are able to naturally feed in addition to their supplemental feed. Then we have antibiotic and hormone-free which we always source. Sometimes the price of organic and pasture-raised fits into our budget and we do use them often, but it's not something we claim since it's not the entirety of our food. The one thing you can always count on with our products is we will always use quality, usda inspected ,human grade meat. Our suppliers are those that some of the top stores, and restaurants use.   

Are your blends balanced?

Our blends follow a prey model 80/10/10 ratio but we have made some adjustments that help balance the diet more. Though we follow 80/10/10 as a guide, it is not exactly those percentages as we have our own formula we perfected over the past 5 years. We have at least 3 different proteins in each signature blend and have added fish to make up some micros and macros such as Vitamin D which helps balance the calcium in the body. Our motto while creating blends has been “Variety is the spice of life” but with that in mind we use a combination between AFFCO, FEDIAF and NRC to formulate our grinds. We like to personally help each customer decide what blend would be best for their pet and help determine if anything needs to be added to the diet. Diets shouldn't be a cookie cutter approach, though some ingredients used to "balance" the diet are amazing ingredients, it may not be beneficial to every single dog and can cause more harm than good. 

What should I add to the bowl?

Our feeding model has and always will be Prey Model Raw. That being said, since the start of Rawsome we have always encouraged our customers to be present and feed the dog in front of them. Many asked “what does that mean?” it simply means that just like humans, dogs and cats' needs are all different. Our food acts as an amazing base for all stages of life. If you need help figuring out what else to add, please get in contact with us and will be happy to assist you, because every animal is different.

What blend should I start with?

We may have a different opinion than most, but there isn't really a specific blend thats better when starting. Most people are transitioning from kibble which has a laundry list of different ingredients, so their bodies are used to multiple ingredients at once anyways.That being said, you want to keep allergies in mind as well as your dogs body energetic level. What we mean by this is, according to traditional Chinese practices the energetic pairing with the animal as well as the ailment needs to be taken into consideration. You will see each blend is marked either Hot, Warm, Neutral or Cold. These are grouped by their attributes and the effects it has on the body. Pairing the food to your animal in this yin and yang approach will be the key to a healthy lifestyle and possibly eliminate allergies. Do not worry, we can help you with this. If none of this interests you, simply choose the blends you think will work for your pet.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

We proudly have a great bulk discount program for those buying a hundred pounds or more.When you purchase a hundred pounds or more you can use the code BULK15 code to receive 15% off your order. You can mix and match between the blends or DIY items. If you are shipping, please keep in mind that our largest box fits 50lbs so it will be a minimum of two boxes coming to you.


Does Rawsome use any additives or denaturants?

Absolutely not, the only part that separates our food from human grade is the ground bone. Ground bone is not considered human grade and that is what makes our food not fit for human consumption.