the rawsome journey

Hello beautiful people! My name is Alexis and this is Rawsome Revolution’s story. Our story began a little over six years ago and what a wild journey it has been. Our love for raw was born due to the word no one ever wants to hear... Cancer. It's almost a cliche thing to say now because the cancer rate is so high but that's our story and I know it's many of yours as well. After losing our dog at the young age of 7, I knew we couldn't go back to kibble with Luna our great dane. One night I had a dream that I could make raw food cheaper than the “high-quality kibble” we were feeding and it was so easy. Well, that was so far from the truth and after hours of shopping, chopping, and packing… Luna wouldn't touch it. I felt defeated and wanted to give up but wanted to try one last thing and that was grinding it. Thankfully that did the trick so I invested in a grinder and soon enough I was making food for friends and family. It wasn't long after that I found a wholesale meat distributor and loaded up my tiny car with cases of meat to grind once I got home. After a few months I was up to grinding 400 pounds a month and expanded to making food for my neighbors and community, some of those people are still Rawsome customers today!

I found the love and passion in life I was searching for. I spent six years in college at different schools and universities trying to find my vocation in life. All my majors involved animals but nothing ever felt right until this. I started to dive more into raw and took many online courses and read articles with different views until I found the prey model diet. Once I decided this is what I wanted to do, I went to find a co-op for better deals, and landed a wonderful business partner instead. Though she is not involved with Rawsome now due to personal matters, she remains apart of our story and I think of her as family. During the first year of business we worked ourdaytime jobs then spent nights grinding till about 2 to 3 AM and boy do I not miss that. We used small table top grinders till we could afford our beast of a grinder that we purchased in 2021. Rawsome was literally founded on the values, determination of achieving the American dream. Without sacrifice, risks and hard work, we would not be the company we are today. Everything we have become was earned. We didn't take out loans to open, we didn't have investors either. We used our own money and worked our way up in this industry. To our customers… I am so moved and humbled by your faith in me and I will never let you down. You and your animals keep me going, for that I am forever grateful.

All of our Signature Blends are named after our own pets or in honor of some customers who touched our hearts. Our Bodhy blend is to honor our first working K9 that we supplied food to from the Huntington Beach department. Even though he is no longer with us, his name and memory lives on with us, his handler was our first officer we worked with and it was such an honor doing so. We hope to carry on this tradition we have started and look forward to naming some future blends or products after one of your pets!