Turkey Single Protein for Cats (Neutral)


Turkey Single Protein (Neutral) 2lb Package 


Ground Turkey, Hearts, Bone , Gizzards and Liver

  • Humanely - raised Turkey with no antibiotics or hormones ever
  • Bone finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture
  • Based on 84/06/10 ration but have our proprietary formula we use.

More information

Crude Protein (min) 17.2%
Crude Fat (min) 5.1%
Moisture (max) 77.4%

 ~ 38 kilocalories per ounce

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Turkey is considered a neutral protein according to TCM, so it does make an ideal protein to feed exclusively when dealing with a cat who is prone to yeast and seasonal allergies. Because we do not add any synthetic vitamins or minerals to our food, we do not recommend feeding turkey exclusively without adding extra supplements or a multi- vitamin. There will be deficiencies in any single protein food that does not have anything added. Rotating proteins is essential in maintaining balance in your cat's diet.