Nigerian Goat Milk


Our Nigerian Goat milk is sourced locally in Norco. We have known and used this farmer for almost 6 years now.  Nigerican Goats have a much higher buttermilk fat percentage than normal milking goats. The fat percentage is around 10% compared to the usual 2-3 percent in most goat milks. This makes for a great addition for those pets needing to gain a little extra weight or for puppies to help maintain weight. 

Raw milk is a great source of natural probiotics which highly benefits the immune system and gut health. 

We recommend feeding 2-3 ounces every meal or if your are watching your pets weight, 2-3 times a week. 

You may thaw and refreeze to portion out into small amounts or simply use within 10 days. 

Sizes are 64oz and 16 oz bottles.