Surf and Turf
Surf and Turf

Surf and Turf


Luna ( Neutral~ Cooling) 2 lb Package   


Duck Necks, Beef Heart, Turkey Gizzard, Beef, Beef Liver, Mackerel, Beef Kidney and Spleen

  • Humanely - raised Turkey with no antibiotics or hormones ever
  • Humanely- raised Duck with no antibiotics or hormones ever 
  • Based on the 80/10/10 model but with our own ratios to get as balanced as possible
  • Using just meat, bone and organs.
  • Wild Caught Sustainable Norwegian Mackerel
  • Now made in a USDA inspected facility instead of in house with CDFA
  • Finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Introducing Luna's Signature Blend: A Nutritionally Balanced and Omega-Rich Raw Food Option

We are proud to present Luna's Signature Blend, a thoughtfully crafted mix of proteins that offers both variety and essential nutrients for your dog's well-being. Our blend features a special focus on incorporating a rich source of omega fish, while ensuring compatibility with other meats.

One of the key considerations in our formulation process was the presence of thiaminase, an enzyme found in certain fish species that can deplete vitamin B1 in the food. To address this, we have taken great care to carefully select fish options that are safe and do not pose a risk of thiaminase activity. This ensures that your dog receives the necessary vitamin B1 without any compromise.

Drawing inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Luna's Signature Blend is designed to have a neutral to cooling effect on the body. Mackerel and duck, known for their cooling properties, are combined with turkey and beef to maintain a balanced state within the body. This unique blend offers a harmonious combination of flavors and nutritional benefits.

While Luna's Signature Blend is suitable for dogs of all ages, we recommend introducing it gradually to puppies or dogs who are new to a raw food diet due to its rich nature and the omega fatty acids provided by the mackerel. It has quickly become a favorite among pups and is a blend that you will definitely want to incorporate into your rotation.