Leo’s Signature Blend ( Neutral ~ Warming )
Leo’s Signature Blend ( Neutral ~ Warming )

Leo’s Signature Blend ( Neutral ~ Warming )


Leo's Signature Blend (Neutral~ Warming)


Beef, Chicken , Ground chicken BACKS, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, beef Heart, Pollock, beef Liver, Beef Kidney

  • Humanely - raised Chicken with no antibiotics or hormones
  • Humanely-raised grass-fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones
  • Based on the 84/06/10 model but with our own ratios to get as balanced as possible
  • Using just meat, bone and organs.
  • Bone finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude protein (min) 18 %

Crude fat (min) 9 %

Crude Moisture (max) 71 %


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Leo Blend is a warming to neutral blend according to traditional Chinese medicine. Warming proteins move energy up and out of the body which can increase blood flow. Warming proteins are also known to cause or increase inflammation in a body that is stagnant and can’t release energy efficiently. Because of the nature of warming proteins, we would not recommend this blend for a cat dealing with chronic inflammation, yeast or allergies to chicken, beef or pollock as this can increase inflammation. Warming proteins can be very effective for increasing circulation, which is essential for the muscles during exercise.

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