Dehydrated Duck Frame


Dehydrated Duck Frame

Duck frames make a great chew because they are a nice crunchy chew that stimulates and exercises the brain. These can serve as the bone portion of DIY meals as well, keep in mind duck frames are roughly 75% bone. We always recommend supervising your dog chew to avoid any choking hazards. These also make for great treats to stuff your dogs meal in to add extra nutrients and mental stimulation to your pets meal time. 

Duck is considered a cooling protein so that makes these great for "hot" dogs and dogs with allergies/ skin issues. They also provide a natural source of glucosamine and key nutrients to keep them healthy and active.

Important Facts:

  • Sourced in California 
  • Duck are raised without the need for damaging hormones and antibiotics
  • Free range
  • Raised exclusively a vegetarian diet  
  • Duck frames are 75% bone