Dehydrated Duck Feet
Dehydrated Duck Feet

Dehydrated Duck Feet


Ingredients: Duck Feet 4 oz

Duck is a great protein for allergy prone dogs and cats. Duck feet offer a great source of glucosamine which is vital for aging animals or animals with joint pain. It can also aid in keeping the joints healthy before there are any signs of join issues. 

 Because these bones are dehydrated at fairly low temperates for a long period of time, they are digestible and should not cause any issues. Like with every chew, always watch your animal when they are chewing. Every dog and cat chews differently and a different speeds so it is always best to watch and make sure they are correctly chewing and not swallowing any big pieces. 

  • Each bag contains 8oz of feet 
  • Sourced in California 
  • 75% bone 
  • Great for joint health