Raw Duck Necks
Raw Duck Necks

Raw Duck Necks


Raw Duck Necks

Duck Necks make a great raw chew because they are relatively soft and make great RBM's for even smaller dogs.  We always recommend supervising your dog chew to avoid any choking hazards.

Duck is considered a cooling protein so that makes these great for "hot" dogs and dogs with allergies/ skin issues. They also provide a natural source of glucosamine and key nutrients to keep them healthy and active.

Important Facts:

  • Sourced in California 
  • Approx. 2lbs in a vacuum sealed bag
  • Duck are raised without the need for damaging hormones and antibiotics
  • Free range
  • Raised exclusively a vegetarian diet  
  • Duck necks are 50% bone with some organ content from eyes and brain
  • Also available in Dehydrated form, Freeze Dried (coming soon) just goto our treats page