Christmas Lick Mat
Christmas Lick Mat

Christmas Lick Mat

Introducing the "Peace" emat lick mat - a delightful Christmas gift that brings peace, love, and joy all year round! With its charming pine tree design, this lick mat offers not only holiday cheer but also serves as a perfect enrichment toy for your dog.

Enrichment is key, and licking is a soothing and calming activity for dogs. To use the "Peace" emat, simply spread your pet's favorite soft treat across its surface, making sure to push the treat down into the mat for added engagement.

The benefits of using this lick mat are plentiful. It helps calm your dog through licking, provides entertainment, prevents overfeeding, promotes fresh breath, and supports healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, the stimulation of saliva aids in digestive health.

To make the most of the "Peace" emat, consider using treats like pumpkin , raw food , bone broth , plain yogurt, or crushed treats moistened with water. 

Please note that the "Peace" emat is not a chew toy, and it's important to supervise your pet while using this enrichment mat. If the emat becomes damaged, please remove it from your pet immediately.

Experience the joy of giving your furry friend the gift of relaxation and mental stimulation with the "Peace" emat lick mat. Order yours today and let the year-round peace, love, and joy begin!