Camel Milk
Camel Milk
Camel Milk
Camel Milk

Camel Milk


This has been a popular seasonal item we bring in each year. It adds variety to your pets diet without needing to be really concerned about allergies. What also makes this item popular is humans can enjoy it too!

Some cool facts about Camel milk

• Non-Allergenic - low in lactose and casein

• Low in saturated fats

• 10x more iron and 3x more vitamin C than cows milk

• Higher than cows milk in calcium, vitamin A, B, D, E, rare proteins, & antioxidants

• Low in cholesterol

• High in unsaturated fatty acids

• Easy to digest and great for gut health

• Gluten-free

• No added sugar

• No hormones, antibiotics, additives, or preservatives

• Natural probiotic

• Nutritionally more similar to human mother's milk than any other dairy milk!



Located on over 1,000 acres in the hill country of Missouri, our family-run farm is now the largest camel dairy in the USA. We now have about 200 camels! 

Our farm adheres to organic practices, as well as standards that are Non-GMO, soy free, and gluten free (NO corn).

Our happy camels spend their days enjoying pastures of organic grass and hay. They are also fed an organic grain mixture which includes: Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, Alfalfa, and Oats. They eat a vegetarian diet that is 100% soy free, corn free, & bean free.