Beef Single Protein (Neutral)
Beef Single Protein (Neutral)

Beef Single Protein (Neutral)


Beef Single Protein 2lb Package 


Beef, Heart, Ground bone, Liver, Kidney and Spleen

  • Made in a USDA inspected facility  
  • Humanely-raised grass-fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones
  • Based on the 80/10/10 model but with our own ratios to get as balanced as possible
  • Using just meat, bone and organs.
  • Bone finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture

Nutritional Information

  • Crude protein (min) 17%
  • Crude fat (min) 8%
  • Crude Moisture (max) 78%

More Information and food energetics

Beef single protein is a moderate to high calorie blend. Because it is single protein, it serves as a great blend to try when doing elimination diets as well as getting the body to a more balanced state. Beef is considered a neutral protein according to TCM which helps the body stay in balance. If there is an allergy to beef, it can have the reverse effect and you may see more itching or redness around the belly, armpits, ears and toes. This blend also pairs great with our green tripe topper. Great for picky eaters, the green tripe makes it a little stinky for us but dogs absolutely love it. Green tripe is also a great digestive enzyme with never ending benefits to optimal gut health.