Abby’s Signature Blend (Neutral)
Abby’s Signature Blend (Neutral)

Abby’s Signature Blend (Neutral)


Abby’s Signature Blend 2lb  Package (Neutral)


Turkey Necks, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Gizzards, Beef, Beef Heart, Turkey Liver, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Spleen

  • Now made in a USDA inspected facility and not in house under CDFA 
  • Humanely - raised Turkey with no antibiotics or hormones (locally sourced) 
  • Humanely-raised grass-fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones (locally sourced)
  • Based on the 80/10/10 model but with our own ratios to get as balanced as possible
  • Using just meat, bone and organs.
  • Bone finely ground, meat and organs ran through once to give texture

Nutritional Analysis:

~ New Formulation Coming soon ~

Traditional Chinese MedicineIntroducing our Abby Blend, a versatile option that caters to both puppies and adult dogs who are embarking on their raw food journey. This blend is carefully crafted to provide a balanced and nourishing diet. It is particularly beneficial for dogs with allergies or those prone to inflammation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), neutral proteins help maintain the body's equilibrium.

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