beef, ground duck necks and wings, beef green tripe, duck gizzards, duck liver, beef liver, beef kidney, beef spleen

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Our Signature Prey Model Blends are formulated based on the 80.10.10 ratio. however, we have our own formula. the limited ingredient blends have two proteins.

primal blend does contain green tripe so please remember that green tripe smells! We don’t care for the smell but the dogs and cats love it.

we use all usda quality meat, but we don’t just stop there. we are very particular on what cuts of meat are used and from what farms.

This blend according to TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine is Considered neutral. in food energetics this means that it will not make the body hot but it also isn’t cooling either. Duck is a cooling protein which great during the summer months when its hot outside, it is also great for dogs who run hot as well. beef however is neutral, so its neither hot or cool so it brings the overall energetics of the blend to neutral. this would be a great blend for allergy prone animals and pets who seem to run more on the hotter side.

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