Abby’s Signature Blend


beef, turkey meat, turkey necks and wings, Turkey Heart, Beef Heart, turkey gizzards, Pollock, turkey Liver , Beef kidney, beef spleen

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Our Signature Prey Model Blends are formulated based on the 80.10.10 ratio. however, we have our own formula. the signature blends include at least 3 different proteins to give a variety of different micro/macro-nutrient profiles. 

Abby blend is considered a neutral blend according to traditional Chinese medicine. The addition of Pollock, a white fish that is high in b12, phosphorous and selenium helps fill in some gaps that meat is low in. Fish also provides essential omega 3’s that can not be produced so must be provided in the diet.This blend is equal parts turkey and beef, beef hearts are rich in iron and zinc with adequate levels of taurine as well as the turkey heart.  

we use all usda quality meat, but we don’t just stop there. we are very particular on what cuts of meat are used and from what farms.     


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