About Us

Our Story

Our journey begins some years back with our own beloved pets. Two unfortunately lost their battle to cancer and one is currently one year past diagnosis. Feeling at a loss we both sought out to find answers, it was then our eyes were opened to a whole new world. We were not as well-informed or educated about pet nutrition as we are now, but after only a week of feeding raw we never looked back. Now, we were not only aware of the harmful ingredients used in commercial kibble, we saw the changes right in front of our eyes. Daisy who once struggled with chronic colitis now lives a peaceful pain free life at home with her two best friends. Luna who once struggled with hives now has a beautiful, thick, silky coat and no longer battles with skin irritations. We hope to share our journey and what we have learned with our customers to help change their pets health and lives, One Pet at A Time.

Our Mission

At Rawsome Revolution, our mission is to inspire and encourage but most of all, promote a healthier quality of life through a natural species appropriate diet. 

Our Goal

We strive to produce the freshest and best quality food for your furry family members.  We take pride in using high quality usda meat while still providing our customers with affordable prices.

Our journey begins with our mission and our story continues with our goal…

In Memory of…

Alexis Cohea

Lilly was the catalyst to my holistic journey. We did everything wrong with her… she was fed kibble and not “high quality” either, she was given yearly vaccines, she was also given flea pills monthly. I loved her with all my heart but like many of you before your raw journey, I didn’t know better. When Lilly lost feeling and circulation in her left front leg I knew something was wrong. Previous visits to the vet for a mammary “cyst” had ruled out cancer on two separate occasions. The night before her vet appointment for her leg I cried my eyes out because I knew, I knew my baby had something I couldn’t fix and I knew it would take her life. This time we saw a different vet and she would tell me it was an aggressive cancer of the lymph nodes and we should start chemo right away. Before starting chemo I looked for advice from our local holistic pet store. We got her on raw that night and all kinds of immune system support supplements. We removed the tumors and continued the holistic approach but we also chose chemo after surgery. She lived two months longer than the vet predicted and I believe I owe that to the new diet we put her on. In the video you see a clip of her hoping around on 3 legs, that was a week before she passed. She was still happy and wagging her tail until the day before she left us. Her final day she spent in a lot of pain and I could see her spirit leaving her eyes, we knew it was her time to go. I am forever grateful for her opening my eyes to this world, I can never thank her enough. Thanks to her I can share my story with you, and hopefully open your eyes before its too late. We all have a raw story, my hope is that someday in the future it wont start from tragedy. 

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